Behold The Greatest Women’s Soccer Commercial Ever

Thor Benander
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The women’s game isn’t as fast.

The women’s game isn’t that strong.

It’s not real “football”.

It’s just not that exciting to watch.

All of these misogynist, uninformed, and frankly, flat out incorrect sentiments come into sharp focus in this jaw-dropping advertisement for Orange, a French telecom company. The ad plays on all of our collective expectations and then turns them against us brilliantly.

Mere hours away from the opening game of the Women’s World Cup, who better to pump up the French women’s players than French male legends like Kylian Mbappé, Olivier Giroud and Antoine Griezmann? After all, everyone knows who they are and how well they’ve mastered the sport.

Here’s the video. Sit back and enjoy.

The 2023 Women’s World Cup kicks off July 20th at 3:00 am EST. All signs point to it being far and away the most exciting — and even — Women’s World Cup ever.

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