So, What IS In #USWNT Superstar Rose Lavelle’s Bag?

Thor Benander
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I know what you’re thinking: I CANNOT even consider continuing to exist on this planet without knowing what kind of shit All-World goddess Rose Lavelle stuffs into her duffle bag. I know. I know. Me too.

Well, wonder no longer.

The thing about ridiculous promotional spots like this one from Chipotle, is that they’re GREAT for the players of the USWNT. Women’s soccer is exploding in popularity and their sponsorships should explode along with it.

In addition to spots like this, US Soccer is finally starting to recognize that fans of the #USWNT have a nearly insatiable appetite for updates, especially in video form. Fans obsessively follow their favorite players on social media, hoping for the tiniest glimpse into their lives as they prep for a Women’s World Cup defense.

Even over on Reddit, a post from a rando who attended an open training session in Auckland helps generate excitement. Fans crave whatever updates they can get, no matter the source.

Lest we’re too trite when we discuss silly little promos like the one above, remember that they’re in service to a bigger picture. Rose Lavelle is a one-of-a-kind footballer. It’s not a stretch to say that when she’s playing at top form she has a unique set of skills – among them speed, fast-carrying, unreal touch, sweet feet, crazy timing, and a cannon shot — that set her apart from every other player on the globe.

So, we can chuckle at the sweetness and harmlessness of the above promo, but don’t forget that this is Rose Lavelle, and Rose Lavelle is hungry for another World Cup Championship.

In a time when Women’s Football moves back to the center of the sporting world, let’s not forget that iconic players like Becky Sauerbrunn, Sam Mewis, Beth Mead, Catarina Macario, Viv Miedema, and Leah Williamson will all miss the World Cup due to injury. (Because of a degenerative lower leg condition, Sammy Mewy may never be back, which makes me want to howl at the moon in indignation.) In addition, two time Ballon D’Or winner Alexia Putellas, fighting her way back from an ACL tear, reported in the last few days that she’s got some discomfort in her repaired knee. That’s never a good sign.

So, does it matter what Rose ultimately puts in her bag? Not really, but whatever it is, let’s hope it help keep her safe and uninjured so that she can rise to be the player she’s always been destined to be.

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