My Favorite Things From The Opening Two Weeks of the 2023 Women’s World Cup

Tuesday Lachlan
Tuesday is a student by day and a ravenous fan of women's soccer by night and by weekend and by any other time she can catch a game. A lover of eclectic playlists, funny people and awkward situations, Tuesday is always looking for the next Jodie Comer. Or Flo Pugh. Or Hailee Steinfeld. Or Leah Williamson. Or Alexia Putellas. Basically, exceptional women with great senses of humor. You need one to be a woman in this mad world.

Get ready, this is epic.

Kristie Mewis’ sentimental cleats

Sam Mewis #3 Kristie Mewis #22

This is the cleat of USA player Kristie Mewis, #22. Her sister Sam Mewis, #3, also a USA player, was forced to miss the World Cup due to a degenerative lower leg injury. Kristie honored her by putting Sam’s number on her cleats. “SM3KM22”

I’m a sucker for adorable sister content.

The return of La Reina

This is Spanish phenom Alexia Putellas, commonly referred to as La Reina (The Queen). She is widely considered the best women’s soccer player on the planet, and she happens to be my favorite player. Alexia has been recovering from a nasty ACL injury and has now made her massive return to soccer. When news broke that she was having some challenges with her recovery, the soccer world held it’s collective breath about whether or not she’d be truly ‘back’ as Alexia.

Here’s a clip from her starting her first game back from injury. Watch this glorious assist and decide if Alexia is back or not…

Ali Riley’s emotional win

This is New Zealand Captain Ali Riley. I met her about a year ago and I can honestly talk about how lovely she is for hours. New Zealand had their first ever World Cup win and you can just see how much that means to her.

It’s not a true Katie McCabe game if she’s not about to destroy someone

This is Ireland’s Captain, Katie McCabe. She’s a fierce competitor. She’s picked up so many yellow cards over the years that her nickname is literally ‘Katie McCard.’ That said, she’s an incredible person on and off of the pitch, just don’t get on her bad side.

Aitana Bonmatí has all the talent in the world

Bonmatí won Player of the Match

This is Aitana Bonmatí, who might have the sweetest feet and best ball control on the planet. She’s an outstanding Spanish player known for her incredible talent. Here’s her striking the first goal of the tournament for Spain.

This year’s Spanish team is truly spectacular.

Alexia speaking English

Here’s my fave Alexia again. Alexia barley ever speaks English and when she does it totally makes my day. Fooball-unize-za-world.

(I can’t speak two words in Spanish so she’s light years ahead of me.)

What the hell is KMew chanting?

Kristie Mewis is the subject of endless thirst posts. But what the hell is she yelling here? Emily Sonnett seems to love it, whatever it is.

Rapinoe contemplating her existence

I had to make this into a meme

This is a video of Lindsey Horan laughing at Megan Rapinoe for missing a goal. I find it hilarious that Lindsey is laughing while Megan does not seem amused. It was one of those days for Team USA, sadly, and looks like it might be ‘one of those tournaments’ as well.

This picture is the story of me with senioritis

Here’s English player Rachel Daly waiting to be subbed onto the field, but it was taking forever. This was how I felt waiting to get the hell out of high school. Time slipping irrevocably into the past while we wait…aaaaaaghhhh. LET’S GO PEOPLE!


I really love it when people use proper grammar, so when I saw English player Chloe Kelly respond that she was doing ‘well’ instead of doing ‘good’ it made me very happy.

(Yes, if you’re sensing a pattern, I’m a huge fan of England’s Lionesses and Spain’s La Roja.)

Everyone should be as chill as Jéssica Silva

I despise fouls, but I love when the player apologizes, which is what Portuguese player Jéssica Silva did after she took down The Netherlands’ Jackie Groenen. Check out her chill vibe when she received a yellow card instead of complaining about it. She’s effortlessly cool.

The master and the apprentice

Ary Borges is a Brazilian player who scored a hat trick and had an assist in her first ever world cup match. Brazil scored four times and she was a key component in every one of them. You can just see how much it means to her.

I also love that she was subbed off for Marta who is commonly referred to as the GOAT, and received a standing ovation. It was like the legend coming on for the apprentice, absolutely magnificent.

Can anyone read lips?

So this is kind of the big mystery right now. After English player Georgia Stanway scored a goal she said something to her friend Keira Walsh. A lot of people think that she said “For Leah” referring to Georgia and Keira’s bestie Leah Williamson who tore her ACL a few months ago and wasn’t able to make it to the world cup. Others think that she said “f*cking hell” because she was relieved that she scored. I’m going to hope that she said “For Leah” hahaha.

Update: Keira Walsh looks to have torn her ACL in the game against Denmark. She went down with a non-contact injury and we know what that usually portends. If you need me I’ll be in my room. Sobbing.

I love how nonchalant Lina Magull is right here

I’m absolutely obsessed with German player Lina Magull because she can do things like this. She let the ball go through her legs to trick everyone and to allow her teammate to have a shot on goal. She’s such a talented player.

#1 Mom Award…I mean ref award

Here’s USA-based international referee Tori Penso. I love her. She knows how to control a game and she’s definitely a mom (of three- I looked it up) because she handled this perfectly. She was basically like “No, you can’t do that. Ok? Ok? You got it? Alrighty then.” And they had a nice laugh over it. Super cool.

Olga finds something funny

Super fast clip, but this is Spanish player Olga Carmona, I just found it funny that she randomly started smiling and then it cut away from her. What’s so funny? I need to know!

I love the compassion and respect Spain has for all of their opponents

Spain defeating Zambia meant that they were eliminated from the world cup. So the Spanish players consoled the Zambian players which was so sweet.


After Katie McCabe scored a goal from taking a corner kick…yes you read that right, she took the corner kick and curled it into the net, she had an awesome celebration.

The quick story of the romance tropes friends to enemies then enemies to friends in about a minute…IDK

This may be the most bizarre thing from the tournament.

DVD with an EGREGIOUS foul against Lindsey
Here’s the part where Lindsey calls DVD a- actually you can probably just read her lips
DVD is 5’3″ and is still never intimidated by anyone. As someone who’s also part of the short people club, I love your bravery DVD.
The ref thinks this is a therapy session
Friends again?? Uhh ok.
That was the quickest fight I’ve ever seen

So here we have the greatest revenge story of all time. And if you’re wondering why one of the players has a swim cap on, well, we’ll get there in a second. Anyways, revenge story. Dutch player Daniëlle van de Donk fouled American player Lindsey Horan. Lindsey was enraged and pushed DVD (Daniëlle van de Donk’s nickname). Lindsey had all of the pent-up anger and instead of continuing to take it out on DVD, she scored a goal, which tied the game up. Go Lindsey! These two also play for OL Feminin together and are very good friends which makes this even more shocking. But did they immediately make up in the end? Yes. Do I understand it? No. Do I ever want to understand it? Probably not. I’m just glad they’re happy.

The swim cap thing (I’m channeling Tobin Heath, if you know you know)

DVD got absolutely bashed in the back of her head which started bleeding. And because she’s a warrior and wanted to keep playing they decided to put a swim cap on her head. Not sure how that even remotely helps, but I don’t ask questions. I had to make it into a meme, though.

The best celebration yet

I wanted to end this with an absolute legend. This is Asisat Oshoala. She scored the winning goal against Australia for Nigeria. Then she did this epic celebration.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this! Let’s keep the energy rolling! Go Women’s Soccer!

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